how I started

The most common question when I meet someone after the weight loss is “How?”. I believe it is a snowballing effect so it makes sense to write about how I started which is super easy to explain: walking and dieting. That’s it.

I started to go a couple of days a week in a huge park near my house and just started to walk, in the first weeks I could only do about 500 meters, but after a while, I started to develop more endurance and this allowed me to reach an average of 15km daily in circa 6 months.

Another important step done in the beginning was learning how to eat. I always coped with stress by eating, binge eating was a big issue for me, and mixed with the low movement the weight skyrocketed. Now I am under the supervision of a nutritionist, from October to June I decided by myself what to eat and not to eat, big mistake. One of the things I did was cut almost entirely the carbs, this caused a lot of problems and fatigue, was a quite common feeling being on the verge of fainting when standing up or after a very intense workout session.
The learning phase was so important, as soon as I started to work with my nutritionist I learned about the macros, how each macro works and why we need it.

The Mindset

I was a very lazy person, but somehow once I started to workout each step was easier and the pain was lighter. I’m not gonna lie, motivation isn’t always at the top nowadays but the fire I felt and the enjoyment I received by reading a smaller number on the scale is immeasurable, my journey includes the gym now, but this is a different story. The discipline developed is something wonderful, faith in the process was the hardest thing but it paid off.