motivation vs discipline

This will be quite a cliche but also very true.

At the beginning of a weight loss journey, the motivation will come quite quickly just by seeing the progress, this will help and will be the gasoline we need to stay consistent. Inevitably a time will come when things will get harder, the scale will slow down and motivation won’t be as high as it used to be, this is when we need to embrace discipline.

Both motivation and discipline are a form of fuel but they have different sources. Motivation comes from the outside, discipline comes from the inside.

Motivation is the collection of events and inspiration we get from the outside environment, for example, seeing a lower value on the scale or people around us telling us how much we were good at losing X or Y Kgs or it can even come from a broken heart.

Discipline comes from inside, it pushes us towards the goal, and any goal is a good one. Discipline is that inner infinite fuel that allows us to do the hard things, to what we wouldn’t normally do.

If you’re considering to start a weight loss journey use the motivation you have at the beginning to develop a good discipline. Learn how to believe in yourself and, even more importantly to have faith in what you are doing, learn how a routing works and how to stick to it.