music on music off

This topic sounds quite stupid honestly but after understanding the importance of mindset I started to give it more attention.

When someone does any type of fitness activity it is quite common to listen to music, in the past I did the same but it was like a painkiller and I needed to learn how to live through that pain, I needed clarity and not live in a rainbow world. The fatigue of the training was the same but the effect it had on the mind was different. I started to walk only by listening to the sound of the environment which wasn’t that bad, once I started to learn how to endure the process I allowed myself some music or podcasts but nowadays I still like to train without music, it allows me to focus better on myself and the training which yields more results.

I suggest you learn to train with music, mostly to fortify your mind and as a side effect to be capable of doing things you don’t want to do in a non-optimized status but trust me more often than not you won’t have the motivation to train and stay consistent.