the overdoing

Way too often I spent my days reaching more, trying to do more, by giving 110% of what I could give, in any given situation.

This was and in a way still is a characteristic I’m very proud of, the main difference since when I was a bit younger is the recognition of the costs, trying to always overdo will have an impact on your life, maybe not in the short term but it will.

Now I’m trying my best to live a chiller life, always pushing myself but not doing it in an auto-destructive way, I always, always do my part but I now want to enjoy the fruits of my work, I want to spend time with my loved ones and with my friends. At first, the idea of even wanting this instead of working purely on myself scared the hell out of me, but now I understand the value of enjoying ourselves, this is a lifelong journey, and it’s better to live it with someone than alone.