venting #1

A few days ago I had my first bike accident, luckily I was able to stand up on my own without anything serious, just with a distortion in the left knee and left shoulder. I was probably speeding too much and lost control while turning left, also rain and gravel on the road didn’t help either. I’ve been quite lucky after all, it could have been worse.

Since I’ve been stuck at home for the last week I had time to think about the weight loss, the good and bad things, and the fear I was having about losing everything about this journey. My most common fear about the weight wasn’t the “if” but the “when” I’d start to gain weight back, I’m not scared of the balance anymore but Is like a fly in the bedroom at night, isn’t a big deal but for source is annoying. Since the accident I lost almost 4kg, I don’t know how and I’ll ask the nutritionist at the next check.

Since I started to hit the gym not only have I finally started to my image but also started to feel way better in handling the everyday challenge. I used to go 5 to 6 days a week and not being able to even lift my arm is tracking me down significantly but the goal is to get back on track and go back to exercise as soon as possible. Better times will come.