venting #2

So just a couple of days ago I wrote about my first bike accident and how it didn’t have any serious implications, things changed quickly.

Since I had limited shoulder movement in my left shoulder yesterday I did an MRI and surprise surprise it turned out I broke my left humerus.

I just spent the entire day thinking about it, probably the bad reflux I’m experiencing thanks to the worst sleep in months isn’t helping either, I’m now facing a way longer stop than I expected, the next checkup will be March 22nd and I really really hope I can hit the gym that exact day.

I’d like to maintain everything I can in terms of workout, in the following day I’ll try to get my legs checked and if the left knee isn’t damaged I’ll try to keep my lower body on track with cardio sessions and specific workouts.

I’m feeling down, hopeless and tired. I’m not used to giving up but honestly the idea of restarting my gym progress after so much work is killing me.