weight track

Once I started to lose weight I also had to start tracking the progression, at the beginning only the weight was recorded, in the past I also tracked food (which I now do but I’ll explain later) but the first few months of this journey I was way too anxious about it so I decided to ignore it and just think about the thing I was eating day by day being the most precise, looking back having a journal could have helped me to have a healthier progression.

I created a simple spreadsheet with the following schema and started to track the weight

Weight (Kg)DateTimeWhereMinMax

Min and Max are good indicators to quickly see the progress. The Where column was useful to track where the weight was recorded, every balance is different so I wanted to know if the weight was recorded at home with my balance and or in the hospital where the nutritionist use a different scale. Date and Time are splitted so in case I had to export only the weight and the date it would be faster, in the end like 90% of the use cases I had in mind were never used, Weight and Date were and still are the most important cells.

I also added the following cells

Until 72Kg3.9

Useless to say this helps quite a lot to see the goal.